Dangerous Compassions

do you have a moment for pallets?


Hey, did you know I’m crazy for pallets?  Yep–true love, way back.  My friends say you can make all kinds of stuff from them.  Me, I love them because they’re beautiful!  They don’t have to do anything but be.

What gorgeous lines.  The light shining on them is so pretty.  They’re plentiful, yet radiant and lovely in a rare way.

The slats of wood with their parallel and vertical lines, the roughness.  How they’re supposed to last, but are kind of disposable at the same time.  Ugggh, feels so good–liminal excellence.  The shadows they make, the slats.  The way they’re trash but have a little value, yet are large and awkward to carry–need a pickup truck.

Useful in multiple ways, aesthetically pleasing, nice wood, heaped by the roadside or stacked near a dumpster.  Bliss!

They can be soaked in pesticides herbicides fungicides, or they can be nice and fresh.  You can question their origins or former use.  You can be a hippie who loves building with them, or you can be a hippie who rejects them for potential impurity.  Argue about them, use them, see them, stop to photograph them on a trikeride.  The junk of life, profound woody blessings.

Well, now you know.  Tell us how you really feel, Laura-Marie.

go fund them

My good friend has a go fund me for medical help.  They are a kind, caring person who I check in with every day, which makes them my family member, as far as I’m concerned.  Please consider helping, if you have some coin.  It’s going to cost way more than what they said.

I’m working on creating a world where we don’t need go fund me to get the basics all humans deserve, but meanwhile, here we are, in the deeply flawed world!  Thanks for caring.

trike surprise

Ming took a ride on my trike, for the fun of it.  I would offer and he would say no–then yesterday, he said yes.  It was a joy to see him trike around the magical parkinglot.  Yeah, I wonder why he changed his mind!

He raised the seat for me, two inches, at the recommendation of a random bike mechanic we met on our ride, the other day, so Ming (who’s taller than I am) can ride it better this way.  I can too.

Thank Mother God for light, trees, trash, and random bike mechanics on Balzar.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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