Dangerous Compassions

peace is in the body

I’m talking about feeding people, how to love, how we have bodies that need to be tended to, in pain or hunger or anything.  To have a body is to need. Peace is in the body.

There you go–good luck with your needs.  If we want to learn at school, we need to eat.  If we want to share ideas, we need to be nourished enough to focus on something besides tummy rumbles.  I’m always an animal.


Hey, I made a meme.  What do you think.  The sketch is Bruegel.  Wow, I love him, but more for the red he used.  Also, I like the clothing style of penis hatches.

This wedding dance painting shows the penis hatches.

wedding dance

I made a different version.  With color it’s better?

god meme

I don’t think it’s right still.  Well, thanks for witnessing my attempt.  Maybe the quote is wrong.  There’s another quote–Peace begins when the hungry are fed by Dorothy Day.  Maybe I mean more like that.

Or maybe I mean more like the food is God, the cook is God, the hungry person is God–we eat to fuel our bodies, so we can do God stuff.

Maybe more like this one.  “At the deepest level, there is no giver, no gift, and no recipient… only the universe re-arranging itself.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Yeah, I’m a pantheist.  I don’t need no selfhelp mindfulness guru right now.  But it helps to have it bite sized.


I slipped on some stairs yesterday, landed ok, but am in pain.  My pinched nerve got jarred, I guess, and my right knee is not too pleased with me.  Whoever painted the ends of the stairs with slippery white paint is not my friend.  And whoever designed wimpy stairs.

My body needs room and strong staircases that are more strong than necessary, not slightly wiggling with my every step.  Yeah, I forget that when I carry stuff, I’m heavier.  I’m 43 years old and still learning how to have a body.

I’m bowing on a stage right now.  Thank you, thank you!  For my next performance, I will pull a hat out of my rabbit, wearing a hat.

My body is telling me to alternate between dancing and resting.  And to drink a lot of water.  So I’m going to listen to her.  My body doesn’t tell me to make memes or sit at a computer and tap out words.

My body doesn’t seem to really know what words are.  Bless her ignorance.

feed the hungry

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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