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Well this is different. Guest blogger here. I am creating this blog post using the speech recognition program on a phone with a little bit of finger typing.
This morning I was going to fast as a PeaceFaster

for Nagasaki Day. I fasted for part of Hiroshima Day. I have PeaceFasted for the past five or more years on these special days. Friends held signs outside the gates of the Nevada National Security Site on Hiroshima Day and Nagasaki Day this year, the 75th anniversary.

Always something new. On today’s morning trike ride, I walked in accompaniment to diversify my exercise methods. It was fun. The neighborhood is interesting with debris. Walking allowed greater examination of the various debris and appreciation. We met a neighbor who does bike repair.
Today did some tasks and fulfilled some goals.
I installed finally the air conditioner in the kitchen. It is cool now here despite the ongoing heat wave in Las Vegas. I was almost fearing that I could not get the air conditioning installed before the beginning of Fall so I am feeling accomplished and happy.
Last night I was on a zoom presentation of the 19th annual Bay Area Peace Lantern ceremony . I was part of the volunteer team fishing out Peace Lanterns out of Berkeley’s Aquatic Park 18 years ago. I recall a great deal of thought was put into the construction of the Lanterns such that they not cause pollution if they drifted astray. It was almost my last employment gig as narcolepsy symptoms overtook my life back then.
Always something new.
This evening, while putting the new curtain up, Guest Blogger fell off a stepstool and landed on his feet like a kitty.  Very glad to be home relaxing rather than in a hospital crying about a broken hip!  Thanks for agility, sweetheart.

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