Dangerous Compassions

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Hey, guess what.  I wrote my thank you notes.  One was stilted and repressed.  One is beautiful and expansive.

thank you note

I got some big news today.  Having people I’m close to and love, it hits me hard, the changes to their lives.  I heard being a parent is choosing to have your heart walking around outside your body.  I never wanted to do it, partly because of that.  But I see now, being a good friend means a similar thing.

I’m going to support you in your choices.  I might not understand why you’re doing this, but I trust you as a badass and as the bright driving force of your life.  I’ll cheer for you, friend.  Promise–I love you to the sky and the crevasse and the grave and the sky.

I’m going to be crazier than usual for a little bit.  Thanks for accepting me as I am.  Art-trash neighborhood photoshoot–poverty love in photos.

pretty trash



peanut butts

love pallet

By Laura-Marie

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