Dangerous Compassions

listy Laura-Marie


I was telling Ming how I had two thank you notes I was supposed to write, my only two things for the day, and didn’t get to them.  Wtf!  Why is it so hard to do the things I need to do?  I do lots of other things.

I don’t want to be a jerk to myself, but really, Laura-Marie!  What is so important besides what you’re supposed to do?

I do these things most days
  • learning to eat in a new way
  • feeding myself three meals a day, plus snacks, plus feeding Ming somewhat
  • showers, hair washing, skin care, managing clothes and bodily accouterments
  • blogging every day
  • learning the SEO and shit
  • zine writing
  • reading incoming mail
  • writing letters
  • assembling, packaging, and sending outgoing mail
  • journaling
  • making art
  • txting friends
  • emoting
  • lying in bed in the halfdark, singing or doing nothing
  • meetings
  • promoting events and orgs I believe in
  • garden moments
  • trike rides

Oh wait, I don’t wanna list everything, but that’s a taste.  You can see I’m busy with life, even though I don’t have kids, pets, or a regular job.

I guess what I don’t do could be relevant to list also.

I don’t do these things
  • parent
  • daughter, aunt, grandmother, or any other relativing, usually
  • drive
  • watch tv
  • watch movies
  • consume news
  • eat meat
  • work for money
  • go to the store

Hmm, got listy around here, all of a sudden.  Brainstorming is so pleasurable to me, I could be a pro idea generator.  I’m a list maniac.  I have to admit, I could list all day.  To portside.

Speaking of vehicular travel, my trike’s fixed!  The bike shop got done a day early.


Love to you and your day.  I hope you’re doing what you need to do and enjoying it, as we have one life, and no one else is going to enjoy your life but you.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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