Dangerous Compassions

MC Candy Foot

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“You want a grackle for breakfast?” I asked Ming.  A grackle was vocalizing in the courtyard.

“Yeah!” he said.

“Oh, honey.  You don’t eat birds.  The only animals you eat are sea creatures.”

“Well, that’s good because they both start with a c.”

“Uh–grackle doesn’t start with a c.  It starts with a g.  Second of all, sea starts with s.”


It didn’t seem quite fair, that sea should start with an s.  “You’re the second person who’s through grackle started with a c.  J thought I was saying crackle.”

It’s been nine years, and I still don’t understand Ming’s learning disability or how his mind works, sometimes.  I’m really into making sense, and I have to let that go a lot, the need for sense, and just let the ideas wash over me in a free, loose way.

Maybe it makes sense, maybe not really.  We could find a new kind of sense.  Or we could let the pieces mingle and reform into a new shape.  Or we could say, I don’t need sense right now.  I will laugh and hug and enjoy whatever this is.  Enjoy breakfast.

MC River Victor

Also in the news, I was putting this sweet dessert-smelling lotiony stuff on my heels and ankles and the tops of my feet, yesterday.  I didn’t like the scent, before, but decided maybe on my feet it would be ok, if I put socks on–maybe I wouldn’t really smell it.

I started laughing because I thought of a new rapper name for myself: MC Candy Foot.  Then I thought of cephalapods and maybe I should latinize it and be MC Glucopod.  Or MC Sucropod or something.

My previous rapper name was MC Value Size.  For a long time it was Dairy Queen.

Maybe I should put down my poet crown and hang up my blogging hat, become a rapper for the good of personkind.  What do you think?  Been thinking of one of my favorite Le Tigre songs, Tres Bien.

Because they will try to convince us that we have arrived, that we are already there, that it has happened.  Because we need to live in the place where we are truly alive present, safe, and accounted for.  Because we refuse to allow our writing, songs, art, activism, and political histories to be suppressed or stolen.  Because we refuse to be embarrassed about the mistakes and faults, and choose to move forward with a political agenda bent on freedom of all.

Thinking about collective liberation and how we can get there together.  Thanks for sharing ideas, love, and collaboration.

We could do it microscale right here.  I see you and support you in what you’ve been though.  I care deeply and want what’s best for you.  You are a miracle of goodness.  Thank you for making helpful choices to stay alive to read these words.  I value you.

We don’t need to tear each other down.  Let’s build happiness.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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