Dangerous Compassions

so happy

“Showers are dangerous places! Especially if you might get struck by the lightning of ideas,” I told Ming. “I couldn’t write it down, because there wasn’t a pen–I thought of using soap crayons, but there were none.”

I sowed some seeds for microgreens, sunflowers this time, and I thought they were dead, that they must have dried out early on. Sadly, I was like–oh well. You win some, you lose some.

I was going to throw outside the substrate with seeds, in hopes a few seeds lived, but I didn’t get around to it. I left them on the counter.

Then I saw some dots in the substrate, and I was like, what’s that. Hmm, maybe a few lived. Then as the days pass, more and more seeds sprout, and I see I was impatient.

Oh me of little faith. Could I show you photos of this morning’s ride? Ming’s back tire was really flat. So he was on foot. Somehow our neighborhood had the best trash today!

This trash pile has been growing a while, but the drum is new with tags! Hahahaha! The door is new, and the boxspring–I don’t even register beds and box springs, really. They are as normal in our neighborhood as cooing pigeons, beer bottles, and smashed taco bell sauce packets.

I really love this smashed fence, but the trash pile is cool too, and brush. But right behind my head, that tree is full of pomegranates! Yeah! No wonder the fence is smashed!

It’s really beautiful how the mirror went. And the frame is so golden and bougie. Love it.

The Ming pic shows the smash pattern better. Isn’t that gorgeous? I should have been an impact physicist.

“Look at this tableau!” I said to Ming. Looks like a scathing critique of Christianity-capitalism and the culture of disposable values or something. Whoever made that deserves a NEA grant.

I think about mail a lot. Note how the box pokes through the fence. Wow!

Desert boats are weird. I asked Ming to think ocean thoughts, and he started to do a little dance, which was beautiful beyond anything.

This picture shows Ming in his normal state: seriously tired.

We found this vase and cup (which will be used as a vase) near the graffiti-ed drum. Dumpstering without a dumpster is Advanced.

In the magical parking lot, I wanted Ming to get the cool clouds, but this was ok instead.

Home, the yerba buena is doing so great, I feel ecstatic. “Like it wanted to be in the desert,” I told Ming. I had no idea it could be so happy here.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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