Dangerous Compassions

valid love

“When you get the chance, will you hit my back?” I asked Ming. He was washing dishes.

He said yes and came over to me where I sit at my desk. I learned forward a little–he hit my back in the middle, and I closed my eyes and enjoyed it, rhymically–I had been burping and wanted some assistance or comfort.

“Feels good,” I said. “I would want this even if I wasn’t burping. Is this a valid form of love?”

“Yes,” Ming said.

He hit my back for a minute or two then stopped. “Thank you,” I said. “Does anything on you want to be hit?”

He said no and kissed me. I said the kiss was a smack.

circle exercise to sort out a problem from different perspectives

I did this helpful exercise of concentric circles. It helped me sort out a problem with new perspectives.

In the middle, you make a circle with a problem or painful event. In the circle around it, you write your belief about the problem. Then in the circle around that, you write your judgement about the problem. In the circle around that, you write your fantasy about the problem. Finally, in the biggest outsidest circle, you write your plan.

I liked the circles; I want to do the same exercise with several other problems, and see what comes out. Journaling helps me, and I’m always curious about ways I can talk to myself about what’s happening besides paragraph form.

Speaking of problems…it was so hot yesterday! I was lying in bed naked, portable ac blasting, fan blowing on me, sucking on ice cubes Ming brought to me in a little plastic dish, three brought at a time. A wet towel on my foot.

At one point, I started falling asleep, spit out the ice cube, put on my cpap mask and turned it on, then slept, but I woke up just a few minutes later. My ice was still ice.

We drove across town to get some vegan hotdogs, in order to enjoy the car’s ac. It was a good idea. We saw a stripmall’s announcement thing was saying 123, so Ming pulled over so I could take a picture. Our personal thermometer said the same.

it hit 123 degrees yesterday in Las Vegas

The sky is brightening. The cicadas woke up a few days also. They’re already going out there, sounding electric. Love to all.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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