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I have this chromebook–it’s probably ancient, in chromebook years. Do you know when to buy a new chromebook? Did you know chromebooks age at a different rate from regular computers? So yeah, a regular computer, and a chromebook, it’s like human years to dog years. If a dog has a chromebook–wow. It’s even worse.

The first problem it was having is the letters coming off the keyboard keys. About half my letter keys are blank, now. I’ve told you before. It’s annoying at times.

keyboard keys missing letters

A thing I’ve always detested about it is the way it handles photos. The photos can be in googlephotos, saved to a file, or my phone has googlephotos, but also a file area. Or photos can be in txts, or in my email.

There are original versions, and other versions if I cropped something. There can be things in a dropbox also. Or a cloud or some other place I probably forgot about. Jeeze.

I would prefer not to have my photos scattered all around the world. But maybe this is modern life.

One of the arrow keys got weird. But I think it’s ok now. Well, I have to press it extra hard, but I think I got used to that.

Recently my backspace-delete key was a bit mushy. Don’t know why. But maybe it’s better.

I have this issue with my scroll bar disappearing and not returning–I mouse over there, and it doesn’t appear. If you see me really frustrated, that’s often why.

Recently I told Ming, I wish I had a spell to make a scroll bar appear. I’ve developed some tricks, like tabbing, because if I tab enough, it could move me down in that part of the screen. But mostly I try to click in that part of the screen and down arrow, but it doesn’t work.

Also, things can get a bit slow. Usually I need to clear my cache or restart it, and that will help it speed up more. I try not to keep too many tabs open. Sometimes I have a few googledocs going at once, facebook open, and youtube playing music–oops.

Sometimes things are weird with cutting and pasting. Like I won’t paste with a control-v, but it will paste with a “paste” from a drop down menu thing. I’m like–hmm. Should those really be two different things?

So whatdaya think? Is it time, to get a new chromebook? I don’t think so. There’s still enough harddrive. It’s fast enough when I do that periodic cache clearing and restarting. It’s quirky, but aren’t we all?

Speaking of quirky, it has some cool stickers on it from our previous vehicle. Probably holding onto a computer for the stickers is a silly idea. But I’m the kind of person who can get stressed out by a potato!

Yep. Well, I ate the potato, with butter and garlic salt. The hard portion that the microwave never successfully cooked is still here in the bowl, but I could try heating it longer and see if it cooks.

Our friend who’s a monk in Santa Barbara sent us a picture of this plant I’m crazy about. I guess it’s blooming, over there. Lion’s Tail, slightly sedating, from Africa. I’m imagining the monks getting slightly sedated, over near where I come from. Slightly sedated = high?

Ming bought me some rainier cherries. Holy god–if I ever think life isn’t worth it, remind me of rainier cherries. I usually prefer the dark pungent ones, but I was craving these. Summer’s reward.

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