Dangerous Compassions

dosing myself with gratitude

  1. I enjoy revisioning malt-o-meal as pudding, so I can eat it any time of day.
  2. My radish microgreens grew thick and faster than expected!

3. Ming ziptied the basket to my trike yesterday, so now it’ll be easier to transport an energy shot for him. (I had been carrying it in a little crocheted bag, then taping it to a handlebar with blue gaffer’s tape.)

4. I survived How the Hell Can You Afford to Buy That Many Fireworks Day. Ming tried to take a picture of the lunar eclipse, but it became a fireworks pic photobombed by a sunflower. Way to go, sunflower!

5. Yesterday the fat liberation meeting was amazing. Someone led us on a somatic exercise, and I tried to feel my head and my feet at the same time, when I was invited to feel the length of my body. I had never done that before. I realized I usually only feel one part of my body at a time. It was moving.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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