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no knead for bread

Hey, do you bake bread? My friend has this super simple bread recipe. A no-knead recipe.

Friend gave me a loaf, the other day–I gave them zines and seeds.

“It should be good, but it turned out soft,” friend said, apologetically.

“That’s ok!” I said. Crusty bread is bad for my gums. My mouth is a weird place. Sensitive, even cranky at times. Gotta be nice to my mouth.

So yeah, best bread ever. A huge, beautiful loaf. I shoulda taken a picture.

I ate some with butter. Loved the flavor, the texture. The way it felt in my mouth. Feeling it out. Trusting the bread.

Yeast seems like a pain. And letting stuff rise a lot. Flour. Hmm. It’s worth it. But also, yeah, using the oven when it’s this hot. Rich people have central air. We struggle with temperature.

Maybe in fall and winter, I can become a baker. I could change my last name. Sounds good.

Friend’s no knead recipe.

By Laura-Marie

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