Dangerous Compassions

guess I’m tired of paragraphs


priorities, behaviors, ideas, understandings, concepts–the earth (there was a quake the other day)


beliefs, needs, the past, the future, reality, social structure, climate, me and Ming and the people we love as we age and learn and deepen our understandings


newness, possibility, support, love, flexibility, pleasure, good sleep, delicious strawberries


loss of living mom, confusion, behavior not matching values, injustice, lack of resources, violence in the world, being the wrong temperature


insight, emoting, talking it out, body movement and care, time, relative safety at home, water, sunlight, freedom


Ming, touch pleasure, visioning, healing, community, change / growth

ways I want to move

trikeriding, dancing, smiling, cooking, intentionally, joyfully, with all of me present

things I want to wipe clean

unhelpful expectations, what’s holding me back, humorlessness, confusion, the bathroom floor


being patient with the world and myself, perspective that what seems urgent doesn’t require stumbling over myself to get to, I have everything I need, options for change and newness, true love abundant and real filling my life with meaningful fun

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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