Dangerous Compassions

Black lives matter

I honor my naive vulnerability and deep willingness to love.  It’s part of my ongoing project of healing myself.

I slept nine hours last night.  Wow, a sleep treat.  I won the gold medal of sleep.

I got some clothes in the mail, yesterday.  A lacy brick red dress had a tag saying to wash it separately before wearing it.  So I put it in the washer.

Feeling so grateful to have a washer.  And clothes–new clothes, at that.  For Ming’s love and patience.  For the mom I had.  For the mocking bird singing outside in the dark.

Not to post random facebook stuff on my blog, but I thought this was uncommonly beautiful.

Please help create circumstances where Black lives matter.  Please value Black lives.  Please allow the flower of Black lives mattering to blossom in your heart.  Please create justice for Black lives.  Please enjoy twin sheep with beautiful curling horns and curling wool also, while you’re at it.

Disabled Black lives matter, trans Black lives matter, kid Black lives matter.  Homeless Black lives matter.  Black lives matter of Black women.  Black lives matter of Black prisoners.  Crazy, mentally ill, mad Black lives matter.  Queer Black lives matter.  Parent and non-parent Black lives matter.  Multiracially Black lives matter.  Elderly Black lives matter.  Addict Black lives matter.  Business owner Black lives matter.  Black lives of Black workers matter.  Fat Black lives matter.  Religious and spiritual Black lives matter.  Atheist, agnostic, areligious Black lives matter.  Artist Black lives matter.  Formally educated and not formally educated Black lives matter.  Urban, rural, suburban Black lives matter.

All the Black lives matter.  Hell yeah.  Friends, strangers, known, unknown, like me, less like me, in all moods and circumstances, innocent, not innocent, half-innocent–Black lives matter.

Thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for being kind so it’s easier to love you.

Thank you for helping the world in all the ways you do, like helping a disabled friend do something they need to do and normally struggle with, caringly raising a child, making zines, writing a letter, nurturing a plant, attending a protest or vigil, appreciating a lizard that darts across your path, giving money to a person or org that needs it, riding a bike or trike or skateboard, caring for your own body, dancing a new dance, or singing so your life vibration goes into the world, blessing it.  You’re cool.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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