Dangerous Compassions

one pot peanut sauce pasta with veg excitement

I woke up with this great idea of making pasta and boiling veg with it, then turning the pasta water into peanut sauce.  It was a great happiness to greet the morning with.  I’d gone to bed pissed off, bitter, drained, irritable, and really hurting.

So I was grateful to wake up excited and happy, feeling cozy also.  I slept more than six hours.  Yeah!  In two chunks.

I write so many things so many places.  I forget where.  Last night I wrote in this journal some kind words to myself.  I decided to spend three minutes a day visualizing that I’m ok and don’t need other people telling me I’m good.

I want to hold onto all the personal power I can.  I need to be done handing it to people who shouldn’t have it.  I need to let myself live, so I can keep trying to make love and justice.  And take awkward speed hump pictures on trikerides.  Yeah!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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