Dangerous Compassions

why I like penpalling: radish seed version

I kinda like the waiting.  I have a lot going, in my life.  My penpal in France did a tarot reading for me, and I’m waiting for what she wrote about it to arrive in the mail.  The waiting feels delicious.  I like anticipation.

I became an artist somehow, besides a writer–I like drawing again.  It just didn’t occur to me, for a long time.  Or I felt so bad at it, I felt scared to try. 

Now I think it’s ok to draw badly–who cares.  I can just be like it’s outsider art and think the badness has a charm of its own.  Yes, that’s intentional!

Feels good to change.  I guess it started with an ATC assignment.  I like drawing naked people best–naked people are my favorite kind of people.  Vulnerable, beautiful.

Penpalling and zine making go together.  You gotta put a note.  You could just write a vague hello on the back of the envelope, which happens, but why not write a letter.  You probably love this person or wouldn’t be sending a zine to begin with.

Zines are my love letters to the world, in a way.  Lots of ways to love people.  Words, touch, food.  Presents.

We harvested radish seeds yesterday.  Ming is cool.  I love how he’s a yea-sayer and yay-sayer, but also an instigator of excellence.  He has great ideas.  What a good sweetie.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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