Dangerous Compassions

five most pleasurable things in the world version for today

1.  making a recipe so often that I memorize it

I made vegan sweet potato biscuits so often, for a couple years, that I had the recipe memorized.  That was beautiful.  This morning I’m making maltomeal, knowing the amount of water and maltomeal for two servings, which I find lovely.

2.  waking up from a nice dream about my mom

This morning I had a dream about my mom.  We were at this dream apartment complex, and she said something to me about running.  I turned a corner and pretended to run, a joke, then looked back to see if she was following me.  She had to go another way, but I glimpsed her look.  I woke up and thought “Mama!” and remembered she’s dead.  But it was good to dream of her.

I wanted to wake up Ming and tell him my dream.  But I let him sleep.  I told him the dream later.  He asked if she gave me a message.  I said it seemed clear to me, that she has to go another way.  I was crying, but it was ok.  

Ming said I could wake him up any time to tell him my dream.  I said it was ok to tell him later.  We hugged, and he went back to bed.

3.  new ideas

We made some ginger tea, just simmering ginger for a long time.  Then I thought–what if I made some oatmeal using ginger tea instead of water.  Would that be good?  Probably.  I might or might not do that, but just the though is tasty, of possibilities and newness.  I told myself, even if I was stuck at home for a long time, I could still have newness, because it could come from my own mind.

My friend posted on facebook a thing about the most mysterious song on the internet.  I’d never heard of this whole story and felt delighted.  I listened to the song a few times.  

Then I listened to a Bruce Springsteen song that was mentioned in the comments–The River.  Wow, that’s a sad-ass song.  It should have a trigger warning.

I saw these bathroom reviews and decided to write some bathroom reviews–it was hilarious and amazing.  So maybe I’ll make a zine of bathroom reviews.  We’ll see.  I have strong feelings about some particular bathrooms.  The feelings make almost zero sense, which is delightful for me.

I’ve been working on a new vegan cookzine also, which is an old idea, so maybe old ideas too.

4.  when Ming wakes up and I offer him some of my food, and I made kind of too much on accident, and he wants some, so it’s perfect

5.  Ming in general

honorable mention: 

shadows, shadows of me and my trike, riding my trike into my own shadow and saying nice things in my head to myself / my shadow

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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