Dangerous Compassions

free life with rainbow light

I was writing affirmations in this notebook.  I was lying in bed, trying to give approval to myself.  I think if I approve of myself more, I can waste less energy trying to get it from others.  It’s a thing of my life.

After the rainbow light one, I was like, wow–I’m a real hippie.  But it was in reference to this prayer that the local UU minister prayed for me when I was in the hospital.  My mom loved that prayer.  Funny how all these different facts of my history are connected up, but other people know few of the connections.

Hope you enjoy these garden pics.  This aloe’s beauty really gets to me!  Its curves seem ridiculously beautiful.

I told my friend, I didn’t know sunflowers can wear a hat.  She told me sunflowers can do anything because they’re magical.  I laughed and loved her more than ever.

Shy strawberry I had to dig through strawberry leaves for.  I didn’t realize a fingertip was in the photo, where I’m holding back the greens.

Maybe this will be the year we eat some of these figs.  Usually the birds get what little fruit persists.  Maybe this windstorm is knocking all the baby figs off.

I couldn’t bear to thwart this cilantro in its project of flowering.  I knew I should pinch off the bolting bit, but I don’t like to eat cilantro, so I was unmotivated to bother it.  I like those white flowers!

I was telling Ming, “This is not what I thought it would be.”

“What?” he asked.  “What’s not what you thought it would be?”

“Life?  Reality?  All this?”  It was an I want a refund kind of feeling.  Too bad life’s free and I can’t get a refund.  Hahahahaha!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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