Dangerous Compassions

disability justice is love

This essay by Stacey Milbern about disabled ancestors is just what I need.  I love seeing all my most important values addressed intersectionally.  Usually I only hear myself talk about all this, so it’s inspiring to hear someone else say it.  I feel inspired to keep the faith to do this work.

“My ancestors are disabled people who lived looking out of institution windows wanting so much more for themselves. It’s because of them that I know that, in reflecting on what is a ‘good’ life, an opportunity to contribute is as important as receiving supports one needs.” –Stacey Milbern

Yes, all the psychiatrists who would medicate away my quality of life to keep me “safe?”  They were more concerned with covering their asses and keeping me technically alive, than helping me have a life worth living.  They were too busy or important or cold, to think about why I’m on this earth and help me do my life’s mission.  They probably didn’t believe i had a life’s mission.

This queer disabled radical writer helps me feel inspired to keep trying. Love to her, to everyone grieving the loss of her, and to everyone doing this work.

Here’s my recording of Stacey Milbern’s essay–please share with anyone who would like to hear.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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