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Sacred Peace Walk 2020

This is about the Sacred Peace Walk.  I do this every year.  It’s an important spring ritual for me, a ritual full of rituals.  It heals my soul.  This is my gofundme.  I raised $210 so far and feel glad to help.  I usually help with the food, but I’m happy to help gather funds also.  

This will be my ninth year doing the Sacred Peace Walk.   My first Sacred Peace Walk showed me another world is possible.  When I learned that, I had to change my life so I could work toward making it.  

Walking thru the desert is healing . Walking by the roadside, my body alive to sensations as my heart opened, feeling wind, seeing desert plantlife, staring at those beautiful mountains and sky, getting to know other Walkers whose love helps me, hearing stories that gave me a smile, and doing rituals with people of different faiths opened up the world to me in a new way.  

I help organize the Walk now so other people can have an experience in their own way but somewhat like mine and can see peace is possible.  I love this work.  

Thank you for donating if you can so this event can keep helping people as we build bridges and connect.  We go to the line at the Nevada National Security Site and speak truth to power, recognizing we’re all one people, and we have choices–we can choose to put down the sword and pick up compassion, make lives for ourselves and loved ones that are about nurturing connection.  

So thanks for helping by coming to the desert to walk with us, supporting with a donation, prayers, or however you can help make a world that’s more joyful and safe for all people and Mother Earth.

Sacred Peace Walk 2020 is scheduled for October 4-8th because we suspect the pandemic will be over.  Hope to see you then!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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