Dangerous Compassions

I want my moth to be beautiful, not realistic

“I just got overwhelmed by my own drawing.  Is that possible?” I asked Ming.  “I guess it’s possible, because I just did it…”

I put a piece of paper over it.  Ming was making pasta.  He wanted to eat the entire package of sundried tomatoes, and I advised him not to.

“How many servings does it say?” I asked.

He read the label.  “Twenty eight,” he said.  We laughed that he wanted to eat 28 servings.  He found them so delicious.

I got a dress with chromosomes depicted on it.  I like the colors.  Ming said the chromosomes are too regular–they’re not realistic.

I said, “It’s not supposed to be realistic.  It’s fanciful.”

Our friend said Fanciful Dress would be a nice condiment or high end cat food.  Maybe he’s right.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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