Dangerous Compassions

mechanical advantage

My trike came today!  This is the tiredness.

Ming did amazing putting it together.

He carried my special chair to a good spot in the courtyard, and I had a lovely view.

I love this action shot.  Way to use your elbow as a lever!  The handlebars were too low.

The garden is beyond gorgeous.  Does that look pretty to you?  That’s my idea of ultimate chaos-pretty.

My preliminary verdict is it’s hella flimsy.  There’s a spectrum from light-flimsy to heavy-sturdy.  I had to trust the bike, lean hard on the left pedal to get my right foot situated on the right.  I thought it might snap, but it didn’t.

I triked around Bartlett Ave like a cautious jankiness evaluator.  Jankiness was high.  But I’ll wear a helmet and hope to be safe.  I don’t have a mama to worry anymore.

I feel a lot prettier than I look.  I decided that’s better than looking a lot prettier than I feel.  “How can I look like a little kid and old lady at the same time?” I asked Ming.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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