Dangerous Compassions

old arts

I made these arts about seven years ago?  I can see what was happening then.

Yep, I was having a hard time struggling between needing to be safe and needing expansiveness.

Yep, I was struggling with this too.  How to be close to people without hurting them, or how much it is or isn’t ok to hurt others incidentally.  How to make omelets without cracking eggs, or something.  The whole idea of getting burned in relationship is still very present.

This was some notes I took while having a phone call–can’t remember with who.

Thought about God a lot as I became less of an atheist.

Transitioning from the attempted safety of atheism to the embarrassing vulnerable risk of faith.

I was thinking about being crazy a lot too, as I was applying for disability.  This idea is still really important to me.

More arts here!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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