Dangerous Compassions

old old fashioned

I really liked Frightened Rabbit for a time.  This song, my friend put it on a mix for me, years ago.  Nice accent, nice tone, smart words, lots of feelings.

I thought of it because I like the whole idea of clearing the room of furniture to dance, doing it like they did in ’43.  Not sure what happened in ’43.  Where’s a history major when you need one.

But my friend asked on facebook what they should do, at that Worker House, stuck indoors, no tv or internet.  I said talent show, charades, dancing.  They could read out loud also.

It wasn’t my favorite song on the album for sure.  Ten years ago, I listened to that album like crazy.  The lead singer died, sadly, by his own hand, it’s assumed, based on his tweets before he went missing.  His peeps formed a charity Tiny Changes in response.

Ming took this picture of our garden yesterday.  I prefer more closeups, but I thought you might like some context.  It looks strangely neat and tidy from this distance and perspective.  I think of it as sweetly chaotic.

I took this picture of some stones on my desk just now.  They’re vesuvianite.  Love to all.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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