Dangerous Compassions

greater vehicle

I dreamt I was traveling down a stream in a paddle boat.  “You have a flat tire!” someone yelled to me from shore.

“Ok!’ I said.  “I didn’t even know paddle boats had tires….”

“You have a flat tire!” someone else yelled at me, a minute later.

“I’m heading back!” I said.  I was on a paddle boat course.  I had never been on it before or seen a map.  I had taken over someone else’s paddle boat without receiving the training.  I was just guessing which way was back.

I’ve heard that in a dream, a vehicle is you, the dreamer.  It’s funny because I wrote an email last night to the radical mental health collective saying fairies, faeries, and ferries are welcome at the upcoming meeting, as well as other kinds of boats.  So maybe that’s why I dreamt of a boat that was me.

Also there was a broken bracelet in the road, with pink round beads.  I had made it, and then it had broken.  I wanted Ming to pick it up from the street, but he couldn’t reach it.  We were making a u-turn.  I guess that was in a car.

I woke up with a Madonna song in my head, from when I was a kid.  “I’m tired of dancing here all by myself.  Tonight I want to dance with someone else,” is the part I’m thinking of.

I watched the video to see if there was some clue in it.  I mentioned Madonna in a letter recently to an old friend, reminding her of a roadtrip we took together around 1993, to LA, to visit her dad.  We listened to a Madonna tape over and over again–Like a Prayer.

The combination of intense sexuality and religious imagery–you know I like that.  Prince did that too, the combination of sexy and religious.  For some people, it’s all ecstatic.  So it makes sense.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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