Dangerous Compassions

for everything there is a season

Yesterday (on account of pandemic) we postponed the Sacred Peace Walk, the biggest event of the year, for us.  We might do it in the fall, which seems very strange, to me. 

To me, doing the Sacred Peace Walk in spring seems necessary.  Like doing it in the fall would be a whole different energy.  Like why would you even do that. 

The cactus flowers wouldn’t be blooming pink or orange or yellow.  It wouldn’t have to do with resurrection.  New life, a movement toward summer’s ridiculous excess of light and fruit and homicidal heat.  A whole different direction. 

Like having a funeral for a wedding.  Putting the marrying people into a coffin, then into the ground.  Wait, why are you burying us?  Those flowers weren’t for…  Help me!  Aaaaah!

Hmm, sounds morbid, Laura-Marie.  Where did that come from?

Almost like a brittle, yellowed plastic Mary broken off a tombstone, lying on the ground in a semi-abandoned desert town in New Mexico.

Or a broken rosary at a cemetery on a random grave brick.

Or seeing a strange rock in the street in a ghost town and looking closer to see it’s actually the disembodied head of a doll.

We couldn’t stay our second night at Arcosanti because there had been heavy rains, and the road we needed to travel was mud.  We thought about getting a hotel room, but Ming checked the weather report.  The rain was supposed to continue.

So we traveled home in the night, in the rain.  I stayed awake, strangely.  Guess it was the kombucha.  I was sipping it and didn’t think the little bits of caffeine would affect me.

At home, we slept, not enough, and yesterday morning I wanted to do All the Things.  I got irritable, then beyond irritable.  Overwhelmed with feelings and the combination of seeing thousands of tasks to be done plus low, low energy.

Here are a couple pictures Ming took of me at Arcosanti.  By the room we stayed in there.

I hope we can go back, some day.  The world keeps changing, and I keep changing. 

Yesterday a new friend suggested I download an app for leaving video voicemails, kind of.  It’s like video conferencing but asynchronous.  I’d heard of it. 

I will let the young people lead me, somewhat.  If I make more room on my phone, I could download it today.  Meanwhile, I gotta sleep more.  Gnight, Earthlings.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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