Dangerous Compassions

love is for everyone

There’s a lot going on.  Three friends are moving away.  We’re leaving on a trip.  I feel excited.  Things are extra fluxy.  Is spring always like that?

New music, new ideas, fresh feelings, turning of the wheel of the year.  Warmth.  More sunlight.  Possibilities wanted and less wanted, but what do you do with what shows up?  Make elderberry lemonade.

I like this quote because I really believe in love, and I can’t believe putting up with exploitation is normal.  Screw that!  Really!  Why is it so weird to believe humans deserve love?  I want to help make a world where love is normal.  Not relegated to a small segment of our lives, if you’re lucky, conditional.  Love is for everyone.

I made a packing list, I made an agenda (which is a list too), I’m brainstorming.  I have this particular writing project I’m working on, combining a few things into one thing in a very exciting way, but I don’t have good brainpower.  I get distracted, too tired, or scattered.  I need two or three good hours uninterrupted.  Maybe on the trip.

I hope you get what you need–the support and understanding, delicious foods, shelter, ideas.  Clothes that fit you.  Deep fulfilment of your soul and your life’s mission. 

What’s your life’s mission?  Mine is about connection and saying what I most need to say.  Thanks for being part of that.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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