Dangerous Compassions

idealistic today

I made this meme this morning because this quote speaks to me.  I’ve experienced the spiritual pain of knowing what I needed to do and not doing it. 

It makes me think of how when I attended my first Sacred Peace Walk, I learned that the community I’d longed for could actually exist.  So I needed to devote my life to that.  Ming and I left a good life in Sacramento to come to Las Vegas and take a gamble on an even better life.  It worked.

This rainbow over Freedom House the other day reminds me of the goodness of the life I have here.  I feel God’s blessing, that she put me here for a reason.  I find new small reasons all the time, but there is a big overarching reason: I’m doing the service here that I want to do.  Connecting to people, experiencing soul-nourishing fun, building community.  Healing myself, building a family with Ming, encouraging strength and resilience for adventures to come.

I was so anxious yesterday I could barely live.  Then today I woke up feeling good.  Doing small things to contribute to a bigger dream.  Reaching out to friends, staying connected, making plans.  Feels wonderful.

Hmm, I sound idealistic today.  J asked me to water her seedlings over the weekend.  Sounds good.  I asked for instructions.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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