Dangerous Compassions

can you put corn empowerment in your chilli

I was googling and knew I’d get distracted by the autofill.  I googled “can you” then “can you put.”  Some stuff I never would have thought to ask.  Then “can you put c” and the choices made me laugh so hard!

“Come read this,” I said to Ming.  “Guess which one made me laugh the most.”

“Can you put christmas lights on your car?” Ming guessed.

It was “can you put corn in chilli.”  I told Ming, “No!  You cannot put corn in chilli!  That’s just wrong!!!”

I was imaging a delicious, spicy, lovely chilli with fake meat and soft, creamy beans.  Onion and garlic, saltiness, maybe some tomatoes.  Nice robust spices.  A comforting hot / warm proteiny treat.  Mmm, sounds good.

Who wants bright yellow corn, with its weird texture, sweetness, and overt vegetableness in there?  A total interruption of the soothing chilli experience, an interloper.  In my opinion, it really does not belong.

Ming thinks it’s ok.  He’s crazy about corn, but he likes canned corn, which means his opinion is suspect.  I like frozen corn or fresh corn.  That’s it.

A minute later, I was saying how it’s your own damn chilli–put whatever you want in it.  Who needs permission for putting a certain food in their own food.  Like corn will make a lethal combination with beans, and you will surely die?  It’s not like bleach with ammonia or something.  Hmm, people are weird.

Then Ming was telling me I was totally contradicting myself.  A flat out no, then a flat out yes.

Well, these are difficult times.  I’m sorry chilli is complicated, my love.  Makes sense to me.  But thanks for helping me laugh.

The thing I wanted to know was “can you put cpap mask in dishwasher” and I think the answer is no.  Nice try, though.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

3 replies on “can you put corn empowerment in your chilli”

laura-marie, i hate to tell you this, but i LOVE corn in my chili! and i use canned πŸ˜€ other new addtions to chili that i love: garbanzo beans and sweet potatoes <3

hey, I used to make this black bean chili with sweet potatoes in it that was really cool. and I think garbanzo beans are valid beans. corn, hmmm. you make me reconsider my rules! but that's cool. you and Ming can be corn people. I will be anti-corn. maybe we can make two separate batches. πŸ™‚

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