Dangerous Compassions

the mysterious roommate

I was hungering for sandwiches, this morning.  I was telling Ming about sandwich ability, how I have a lot of sandwich ability right now, but maybe one day I’ll be more disabled and lose my sandwich ability.  For some reason, articulating this was important to me…?

I wanted some special fake meat to make really lovely sandwiches, and that perfect $2 rye bread from WinCo.  Ah, delicious.  

The fake meat is expensive, but wow.  Is it really fake meat?  No, it’s real whatever it is.  I don’t think meat ever tasted that way.  It’s its own thing.  I wanted the tomato flavor and the mushroom flavor also, but they only had tomato kind.

We went also to get some special food for the person we live with who fixed the pipe leak on Friday.  We know a food he likes, so we picked up the meal that cost around $11.  And we bought him a card and wrote something thankful in it.  Ming delivered it, and I guess it was a hit.

Also in the news, our friend helped Ming clean out a cabinet that hadn’t been used in a long time, an abandoned cabinet.  Ming knew some pots and pans were there.  But you’ll never guess what else they found in there.

Yeah, a gecko–it was molting.  What the heck.  The mysterious roommate who always kept to themself.  

Ming and D put the gecko on an aloe outside.  They like dark places, though.  Before, we saw that one under a pot in the garden.

I wrote a long beautiful letter in a little book I made.  It’s about meditation, for a friend who wanted to talk about that.  I wanted to say a lot, and I said a lot, but still feel like I left out something important.  But I guess I could try again another time.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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