Dangerous Compassions

feel so different

My friend likes helping.  They said they wanted to declutter my desk, and I thought about it.  Was I ready?  Yeah, for years, it’s bothered me.

Last night, it happened.  They came over, took everything off my desk, into bins and boxes.  My desk had be stacked with so much stuff for so long.  Stationery, zines, half-finished projects, crafty stuff, office supplies, used stamps, rocks and beads.  Dust.

Now it’s different–empty except for some piles of sorted stuff–blank postcards, used postcards, little notepads, paper clips, index cards, business cards… 

So it feels way better.  It was dysfunctional, to have the stuff piled up so I couldn’t access it.  My desk feels different now, a more living place where better things can happen.

So that’s wonderful.  I woke up with pain, my pinched nerve.  I slept less than usual.  Today I don’t have much I need to do, till evening.  I want to sing and maybe copy the fundraiser zine, ancestor.  I want to praise God for my life and capabilities.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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