Dangerous Compassions

how things are vs how I thought they should be

We were undecorating the Christmas tree.  “Should we listen to the muppets Christmas album backwards?” I asked.  Somehow evil puppetry seemed funny to me, undoing Christmas.

Ming was taking direction from Mom about which ornament should go into which little protecting bag or box.  I watched, sometimes unhooking an ornament from my side of the tree, handing it to him.

“Why are Christmas ornaments so fragile?” Ming asked.

“To represent our feelings?” I offered.  I said how plastic was invented a while back but only became common in the 1950s or so?  So a lot of ornamentage is glass, and if that’s traditional, that could be perpetuated.

“Maybe the colors stick to glass better,” Ming suggested, showing me an ornament bright and glass.

We talked about valuableness, capitalism, the supply and demand curve.  Real value vs falsely manufactured value.  We tried to think of a word for that.

“Ostensible?  Or like fake, but more intentionally fake.  Or pretend.  But made pretend on purpose.  Not counterfeit–more manipulative?”  We couldn’t think of the word.

My friend the other day said Christmas is gaslighty.  How many people really feel the way we’re supposed to feel?  Like 20% of people?

I realized that my wish for humans not to be so unreliably flakey was kinda stupid.  If intentional weight loss diets fail 95% of the time, so it’s diets failing, not fat people…  And 80% of people are mostly flakes, maybe the failure is of me, or my expectation that people should be responsible.  If people are just like that, why do I think they shouldn’t be?  I guess I need to get with the program.

Do you think people are flakes?  Are you a flake?  Maybe it’s not 80%.  I could search for a scholarly number.

Some people are ok for work, but flakes for everything else.  I think I was hyper-responsible, and now I’m extra-responsible.



very responsible


mostly responsible

not that responsible

mild flake



totally irresponsible mooch who does nothing for another person for any reason

my pet peeves today

1.  the off button is right above the backspace button on this computer

2.  this “search” key I’ve never intentionally used pops open an unwanted window–it’s right next to the “a” key, and I accidentally hit it five times a day, needing to stop what I’m doing and close the unwanted window

3.  people thinking those spikey things to close ace bandages are ok

4.  people thinking I can’t handle shit when my whole deal is skillful survival, and I have so much experience with crisis, I could do crisis with half my brain tied behind my back

5.  people expressing anger through their driving, dangerously

Oh wait, maybe that last one is a real problem, not a pet peeve.  Ming was sitting on the bed in his chonies.  His hair was really pretty, and he looked so peaceful and kind.  I told him he looked like a goddess who was going to have a wonderful baby. 

I’m seeing Shakti energy all over the place. Takes one to know one, maybe.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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