Dangerous Compassions

we’re living

“Ok, I’m going!” I said.  “If I’m not back in ten minutes, the cucuy got me.  Don’t go out without a bodyguard.”

“Ok!”  Ming said.  “I’ll bring Bunny.”

It had been a while since I loaded the laundry in the dark.  I had to trust the settings on the washer were right.  I’m in a battle with some unknown community member on the “regular” vs “heavy” load.

I was checking pockets and a little worrying about cucuy, extra aware of what was going on around me, behind me.  The air was cool and moving around with wind.

Then I saw this beautiful cloud, wonderful in the sky south over the city.  I didn’t understand how it could be so bright.  The city light was illuminating it?  I lost track of the moon phase, but I don’t think it’s a full moon.

Sometimes I really want to understand stuff–sometimes I do other things.

pet peeves today

1.  when the link is only on part of the button, so I click the button and it doesn’t click, so I then I have the find the link on the button

2.  the way Ming leaves water on the floor

3.  finding an overripe banana in my purple bag from days previous

4.  that feeling when I’ve been playing phone tag with someone and they call, and it’s not a good time for me to answer, but I feel like I need to answer anyway, to stop the phone tag

5.  dust

At winco we saw in the 50% holiday area some chocolates.  It was a box of chocolates for three dollars, which I thought was worth a try.  Of course See’s would be better.  But it costs a lot less when a similar size box is $20 at See’s.

I opened the box and Ming tried one, but I was waiting till after breakfast.  Later I opened the box again, and I saw a piece of paper in there called Chocolate Guide, so you know what chocolate is what flavor.

“Mm, chocolate guide.  Sounds like a good job for me,” I told Ming.

“Job security,” he said.

Now we’re elsewhere, and I’m disoriented–what day it is, where I am.  I think I know who I am, so that’s good.  Lately I want to hear this song a lot.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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