Dangerous Compassions

diatomage, bison bison, drawing all the bunnies, green mischief

Oh hey!  I was going to tell you something.  Can’t remember.  Historically, I really like diatoms.

my liked things

1.  specific humans, humans

2.  rocks, plants, animals, fungi, the sky, outer space, Mother Earth and all that entails, including goddess energy, Shakti

3.  pallets

4.  diatoms

5.  poetry and other wordplay

6.  generating ideas–lists, such as this

7.  art, including zines and letters

8.  radical mental health, activism in general

9.  transformation, change

10.  love, respect, justice

I was going to do a zine with a lot of diatoms as the pictures, found public domain diatomage.  They look gorgeous.

But then I was like–diatoms are the skeletons of dead tiny organisms, and maybe I need something warmer and more mammally for my zines, as they’re mostly about connection and love.  Diatoms are maximum pretty, but they’re cold.

I’d been wanting to draw some bison–you know, bison are really mammally.  Furry nuzzlers.  A baby bison trots to her mama for some milk.  The steamy air is coming from their nostrils rhythmically in the cold morning.  They make some weird animal sounds.  Yeah, I know about them.

A long time ago I was drawing bunnies for an old functionally ill.  I was doing blind drawings, and it was fun to draw the same bunny multiple times and see all the different ways it could turn out.  It’s modern times.  We go to google images and can draw all the bunnies, right?

This artist I know did some art based on some drawings of bison in a cave.  I thought I’d like to do that too.  My own bison drawings, but not in a cave.  At first I was going to buy his drawings, but then I thought it might be more fun to do my own.

I bought from him before this gorgeous wooden spoon he carved, and this weird cthulhu painting he did on a broken rock.  He gave me this little stone goddess he carved, as a bonus.  I bought a bracelet from him with yellow beads that look like planets–he lengthened it for me.  I think I lost it…  A wooden goddess carving.  Oh, I bought those little faces from him too, tiny masks made of some silver metal.  I thought I bought two, but now I’m thinking–maybe I only bought one.

I give him zines–he said a zine I gave him was very sad.  I apologized, wondering which zine it was.  He said no, it was good, that he likes to go backpacking by himself in other countries, and he can get very sad, but he likes it.  Productive sad.

“I’ve got some kind of mischief inside of me today,” I told Ming.

“What kind of mischief?” he asked.  “The green kind?”

“Um…productive mischief,” I said.  I need to find my magnesium pills–my right upper trapezius muscle hurts so much sometimes, I’m like, dude.  Not cool.  Well, I should load the laundry.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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