Dangerous Compassions

how I spent solstice

I like when Ming takes pictures.  This one I don’t understand how the pages of the music book could be so glowy.  We were at the end of the pier.  I was singing in Sanskrit.

Going to the big water at the edge of the continent with a desert friend felt amazing.  I thought by the last day, they would be tired of talking to me.  But they were very open and attentive and could sustain a lot of conversation.  I was surprised.  We both said things to each other we’d never said to anyone before.

I feel a fresh perspective on everything.  Many many things seem possible.  Travel is good for helping me get unstuck, those little stuck places.

Should I eat whatever meal it would be, if I ate a meal now?  Should I go to bed?  Should I do some zine work?  Ming turned on the heater in the bedroom.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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