Dangerous Compassions

Merry Solstice from Guest Blogger

Happy Solstice from the undisclosed location along the Pacific coast of the Northern Hemisphere. Today we are at a historic inn, on a trip visiting Laura-Marie’s mom. We were just here last weekend but the availability of another trip became available, so we took it.

We drove through the night arriving early this morning. Our new to us car is functioning great. This morning we assisted her mom then rested then went back to fetch lunch for her. Costco shopping was next and even I got fatigued from shopping.

Laura-Marie sought out communications with her deceased dad at the spot where his ashes were distributed, at the stroke of solstice. Songs were sung. Palo santo smoke offered. Then we went to the Pacific Ocean and anointed each other with sea water from the high tide.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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