Dangerous Compassions

standard questions, butter emergencies, other favorite joke

They went on a good hike to see the top of a waterfall they saw the bottom of before.  I asked Ming if there was water.  He said yes.

My mom has her mom’s bible, very valued.  “Did she write notes in it?” I asked.  That was the same question my aunt had asked, about the bible.

A time of great pain can be a time of great learning.  I learned that dancing works really well for shaking some knowledge from my head into the rest of my body.  Yeah, got to incorporate it.

I think it’s funny how I make shit up, but of course other people have been discovering it since the beginning of people.  If only there was some repository of knowledge.  Oh wait.  There is–I’m blogging on it.

Our friend mentioned the akashic records over breakfast.  I think about that all the time, the knowledge of the oversoul?

I wrote a poem recently that mentions putting knowledge into the sky.  That’s what I was talking about.  A giant library in the sky.  An etheric realm I think of as where angels live, and they’re kind of in the sky?

At the library, we sat at a strangely-shaped table that looked like it was from the 1970s.  It was squeaky.  Like a triangle but rounded.  If I had WD-40, I could fix the squeak, maybe.  Or my dad could, if he was here and alive and all that.

Mom wanted the special cookies Dad liked.  Then she wanted matzo crackers, which Dad liked also.  I thought I should get her some carrot cake, which Dad liked, but she didn’t seem interested.  So maybe I got the rule wrong.

Or maybe she just is a fiend for lemon meringue pie.  We asked at Natural Cafe, but they had nothing lemony.

Mom wanted butter on half a matzo cracker, and I obliged.  She told me she learned that from me, when I was a teenager.  I apologized.

I’d buttered her half matzo cracker on the wrong side.  I was supposed to soften the butter also.  I really don’t believe in putting butter in the microwave.  Just seems wrong wrong wrong.  Well, except for emergencies.

Writing a lot about really not the things I’m most thinking about.  Thanks in advance for forgiving me.  I should tell you a joke.  It’s one of my very favorite jokes.  (I tried googling this joke and couldn’t find it.  Maybe it’s a true story, something I overheard at a restaurant, scientists at another table?  Anyway, I love it.)

Two scientists were out in the field, doing some research in nature.  They got lost and didn’t come back when they were supposed to.  So search & rescue tried to find them.  A rescuer in a helicopter found two people in a canyon, and the pilot yelled down “Are you the lost geologists?”  They said no, so the helicopter flew away.  Eventually, a few days later, the scientists were rescued.  Someone asked, “Why did you send the helicopter away?”  One answered, “We’re not geologists–we’re hydrologists.”

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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