Dangerous Compassions

tell us how you really feel, Laura-Marie

I made this meme, but it saved as a weird kind of file, but then I took a screenshot and cropped it.  So I think I can use it now.  Thanks to Ming for helping me by listening to me talk about my difficulties.

the agoraphobia scale

1.  outside wanting to be inside

2.  inside with the door open

3.  inside with door closed and locked

4.  in bed doing nothing

5.  in bed with the light off and covers over my head, doing nothing

I always think of angora rabbits, when I think of agoraphobia–angoraphbia, fear of soft sweaters.

I ordered a poster, and Ming took down for me this poster that was over my desk, that was here when we got here.  The wall looks better now.  I’m enjoying the blank.  And then when the new poster arrives, I hope to enjoy the new beautiful thing to look at.

Thanking God for ideas, music, that I could feel bad but have ok behavior, love of family and friends, and possibilities.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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