Dangerous Compassions

wasp cottage

We have this little wasp cottage, if anyone knows of a homeless wasp…?  Our policy is the three R’s–the wasp would need to be respectful, responsible, and fun to be aRound.  Then we would do a contract, like no smoking in the cottage.

We had a lovely meeting.  I trust those people enough to tell my truth.  At first I didn’t get Get It Off Your Chest–I thought the microphone aspect was almost silly.  Now I get it way more–just being witnessed.  Speaking my truth to some people who will be loving without being super involved. 

I like asking for no comments on my share.  I just put it out there.  I like releasing it, like a poem or rehabilitated wild bird, back into the wild.  Like–hey world, you gave this to me.  I don’t need it anymore; why don’t you have it back.

We create a nice temporary culture.  Hopefully it can spread around.  Or we can learn how to do that culture and it can influence us at other times.

Is it just me, or are we hella cute?  I took it for granted, last night, but looking back, it seems a bit magical, the moods we were in together and the kindness we gave and received.

The air has a little edge of dampness this morning.  I feel it, a feeling from when I was a kid, when it was a cool morning with fog.  I’ll look outside and see if it’s foggy.  But I’m imagining the haziness.

I listened to this song a lot, then stopped for a few years, and now I like it again.  The video is nice too with the dancing.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Some 10 years later it is magical as.

And I love the idea of a wasp being responsible; respectful and fun to be around!

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