Dangerous Compassions

will the real unicorn please stand up?

I don’t like violence.  You know I’m a peace activist–that’s my deal.  But I’ve been listening to this song for a month, I see from the comment I posted a month ago.

Did I already blog this?  It’s tough times.  Please forgive me, if so.  My favorite part is “you can keep the house you live in, but we’re taking the rest.”  I like the attitude of the speaker.  That anger but he still wants the landlord to have a home.  It’s sweet, in a way.  Funny combination of angry and sweet.

Some people like that chocolate with chili peppers or curry powder in it.  Wasabi.  Hmm. 

Last night I ate some peanut butter cups that were so delicious, I felt like I could eat a bazillion of them.  Usually four is enough.  The dark chocolate ones from Trader Joe’s.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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