Dangerous Compassions

Guest blogger types a teaser.

Guest blogger

So many zines. Friend G came over last night and helped bind zines by tying the multicolored binding strings while I poked the holes on the spine of each zine with my wrought iron antler awl. The handmade awl came from a primitive skills gathering long ago in Oregon, when I did such things as go to primitive skills gatherings. Its worn antler handle contrasts with the angular sharp iron tool.

The sweetrice that I ordered a few days ago is still feeding me. Breakfast. Our Short Bus van is indeed dying, its motor going slower and slower as the revs go higher. The transmission is shot too. So much for that highly recommended place of Bob’s.

So we Grubhubbed Indian food from our favorite restaurant. I ordered sweetrice as Laura-Marie ordered Malai kofta. Delicious.

But then we got some good news (details to be developed) regarding our transportation.

Life is wonderful.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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