Dangerous Compassions

what i learned while dancing

I went to an ecstatic dance event.  I learned some important things.

1.  I’m a total hippie.  There’s an opening circle, mini-therapy, drumming, positive messages, and then the didgeridoo comes in.  I was like, wow.

2.  I have more health than I thought I did.  There were 20 or 25 people there–I danced more than anyone.  I was dancing almost all the dance moments.  Many other people were sitting down half the time.  I was there to dance, though.  I didn’t know I had the energy.

3.  Our house is way too crowded.  I loved the spaciousness of the room we were dancing in.  Having space to move in felt great and things seemed very possible.

4.  I like dancing in dresses.  My skirt having a swing to it felt delightful and motivating.

5.  I am the intended audience for some things.  That event was perfect for me.  I loved it and all its aspects.

I met a young person–at the beginning, we were supposed to answer three questions while partnered with a stranger.  It was like lovely to answer those questions–what we want to shed, what we want to bring in, and what we’re grateful for.

I want to shed fear, want to bring in looseness, and I’m grateful I might have a lot more time on Earth–decades.  Sounds luxurious.

I took a nap yesterday and woke up sad.  Feel fed up with my difficulties, trying, who I am, what I need, being a person.  The whole Laura-Marie experience.

Holidays are supposed to be a treat, but we have our life set up ok, so the disruption to routine feels like punishment, almost.  Sometimes.  I like giving presents to people.  But I do that any time.

Ming was on hold with the pharmacy for ten minutes.  I called and got through right away, handed him the phone.

Our friend put a clove-star in the middle of the vegan sweet potato pie.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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