Dangerous Compassions

bird lady

I tried to thread a needle to sew a patch on my sweatshirt jacket.  I couldn’t thread the needle–I couldn’t see the eye.  I’m getting old.  I couldn’t find a threading thing.

I had some safety pins, so I used those.  I told Ming the fantasy of one of the pins being a diaper pin with light blue plastic and a darker blue outline of a cartoon whale.  The whale would be spouting water out of its blowhole and have a little smile.

Today I was in the courtyard.  I ate yogurt then walked Ming to the minivan as he left.  Rainbow came to say hi.  I talked to her about how cute she is.  Then I pet her a little bit.

I saw a pinecone on the ground.  I hadn’t seen one in a while.  Looked like it had fallen from the courtyard conifer.  It’s windy and cool.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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