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singing in German, some leter I don’t know what it means, the blueberry part of life, raisins

Well, I had a revelation.  I got really excited and yelled to Ming, but he didn’t hear me.  So I got out of bed and told him, “I had the best idea I’ve had in the long time.”

I was singing in the morning, and it felt good.  I recorded that Durga song, and it has some mistakes but that’s ok.  I like God in the form of error.

And then I realized–I could get the words to my favorite St Matthew Passion song and sing it!  Why did I never think of that before? 

I guess I thought I couldn’t sing it because it’s in German.  But if I can sing in English, Sanskrit, Bengali, and whatever language Amba Lalite is in, I can sing in German, right?

So I got the words, and I read the words while the singer sang.  I started learning how to sing those words.  It’s very repetitive, almost as if it’s designed to help me learn how to sing German.  Thanks, Bach!  The first part I got pretty well.

The second part I was thrown off by a letter in German that’s not in English.  It looks like a weird B.  But I’ll try more tomorrow.

My voice isn’t the same range, so I sang it an octave higher mostly, no problem.  It’s fun.

I think it’s funny how I can get in my head I can’t do a certain thing then break through that and realize nothing’s stopping me.  I was telling my friend how when I was a kid, I never ate blueberries–lots of other fruits, but not those. 

Then I grew up and thought blueberries were exotic, extravagant, and somehow I couldn’t afford them.  Then I saw they were actually similar to other fruits.  I realized I could eat blueberries whenever I want to.  I could eat blueberries every day.  Oh, the scandal.

“I think they have good nutrition too,” I said to my friend.  Grapes are really good, apples, bananas–avocados for sure.  But blueberries are a wonderful part of life.

I like the process of freeing my mind.

I told my friend also how when I was little, I had a bad experience with a raisin, and I can’t stand them to this day.  I think the raisin had a little stem bit stuck in it, and it freaked me out in my mouth.  We were pulling into the driveway, as she was taking me home.  It was a weird note to end the visit on. 

Raisins.  Whatcha gonna do.  Other than avoid raisins.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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The letter like the weird B is actually the character in German for when there are two letter S's together. πŸ™‚ German was the language I took in high school and college.

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