Dangerous Compassions

paste hat

I told Ming I had a fear I would copy some text and then I’d get distracted before I could paste it.  So then I would forget and copy and paste other things and lose that chunk of text forever.

That’s pretty high on my ridiculous fears list.  Ming said he has the same fear.  He told me weird things he used to do with his clipboard.  He would put text there and then check later that it was still there to see if anyone had been tampering with things.

This morning I had the idea that we could have a paste hat.  I would keep it on my desk.  I would copy some text and put on my paste hat to communicate “don’t distract me because I need to paste” and then anyone around would know to leave me alone for a minute. 

I guess I could wear the paste hat when I needed to be left alone in general, wearing the paste hat at non-paste times so it became a sign.

I’ve had fantasies like that before.  Different color hats to signify different needs.  Well, I know that’s been done with communication through bandanas.

Sometimes I wish for more variety and possibilities.

I slept three and a half hours last night.  Not amused.  Not sure what to do.  I canceled a plan and hope to be ok with the remaining plan.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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