Dangerous Compassions

Frank Sinatra-Catastrophe

Someone came to stay with us who came here before.  Maybe he’ll move here.  I’m excited because he has a lot of energy and seems full of life and good attitudes.  And he’s young and fluent in Spanish.  He speaks French and Italian too.

He snapped this picture of the cat formerly known as Catastrophe.  I think we’re calling him Frank Sinatra now.  Something about his blue eyes?

Our pregnant friend came to visit us yesterday.  She just started her maternity leave–her baby is due Christmas.  I was binding zines.  We talked about important ideas: Family, kid-having, religion, how people get the way we are.  Zines, a baby shower, a mutual friend’s relationship and how it changed him.

Today at a meeting I brought up a mural I want permission for my friend to paint here at Bartlett.  A garden-related mural.  They said they want a sketch of her idea before she starts.

Ming made prints of the icons he wrote.  He showed me the backside of one, which was just white.  He said it was an icon of Casper.  I said Casper was the friendly ghost, not the holy ghost.  I liked that joke.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, life life threw me one too many curveballs.  I’m trying to relax and eat breakfast.  This morning we served on the soupline.  I saw so much suffering, I had to cry.

Life is pretty weird even at the best of times.  I took some pictures at the worker this morning.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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