Dangerous Compassions

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A few weeks ago, Ming and our friend were interviewed for this podcast.  I feel very happy with how it turned out and grateful to those two as well as the podcaster Leo Flowers.  I like their honesty, their bravery telling stories about their pasts, how smart they are about feelings and communication.

I tried my chia greens!  I think they got full size.  I got distracted by anxiety and some difficulty, so they were neglected for a couple days.  I was a lot more excited about growing them than about eating them.

But I took some kitchen shears and trimmed the chia greens into a mesh strainer.  Then I rinsed them under running water.  Then I picked up some greens between my fingers, and I put those greens in my mouth.  Chew, chew, chew, taste, chew, swallow.

I was afraid they’d be moldy.  The paper towel had a little discoloration–it turned light brown in some places, but I’m not sure why–maybe roots?  The greens didn’t smell or taste like mold.  But they were definitely bitter.

I was able to eat that one bite, but the rest I didn’t want to eat because of the bitterness.  If I try this project again, I should watch a youtube video, maybe, to see what they’re supposed to look like at harvest.

I found out almost everyone we live in community with got sick with stomach flu, around a week after I did.  I was the first one.  I was sorry to hear they suffered.  But some of them want to say it was food poisoning.  I don’t understand the reluctance to admit it was stomach flu.  Like catching a virus is a moral failing, but eating bad food is fine?  Hmm.

I’m weird–not sleepy, too anxious, too verbal, irritable, sometimes angry.  Not always easy to live with.  Disoriented–this morning I thought it was afternoon when it was very early and not afternoon at all.

Ming is at the sink washing blueberries and eating them like a fruit fiend.  His hair is very messy, with a ponytail that’s kinda failed; he’s wearing chonies and a gray waffley long underwear shirt.  Wild fruit monster.

Tomorrow I plan to make potato soup.  We have some organic red potatoes, and my loved friend has fallen out of the sky like an angel / apparition / paralyzed pigeon.  I hope the carrots are still good.  I threw away half a small withered cabbage today that I had no idea was still in there, nestled in the back of a drawer.

Lately google fails me so much.  It thinks it’s smarter than I am and knows better than I do what I want.  Well, sorry google–vegan and vegetarian don’t mean the same thing.  If I want to know the minimum therapeutic dose of something, I don’t want to know the normal dose.  I’m looking for a specific thing, but it goes to the most common thing.  Sometimes I search and search, then give up, arg-ing.

Also there’s the problem of the first two pages of results being fluff.  It’s sad when I can only find articles I could have written myself.  I don’t want fluff, and I don’t want academic jargon behind a firewall.  Something middle, please.

Tomorrow there’s supposed to be thunderstorms.  Wow!  I hope it will be a dark and stormy night all day.

“I don’t want to be one of those people who complains about the same thing every day,” I told Ming.  “I want to complain about different things every day.”  I guess that’s what this blog is, at least sometimes.  Thanks for listening.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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