Dangerous Compassions


Hey, guess what.  My chia seeds sprouted!  Maybe in a few days they’ll be edible.  I’m glad they’re alive.

Glad you’re alive too.

Married life = “Can you not criticize me about olives right now?”  I’m pretty sure I never said that sentence before.

I asked Ming if he felt like I sent mixed messages.  I’ll be annoyed one minute and fine the next.  It used to freak me out when others’ moods could change that fast.  But now I feel more able to recover, at least.  It used to take longer for my moods to change–pain and anger would linger.  I can get things out faster now.

He said no–he’s ok.  Ocd means he’s super rigid about some things, but he’s easygoing over all.

Feeling overwhelmed with tasks to do and like everything’s jumbled together.  But progress is possible.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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