Dangerous Compassions

there was a crooked board

Ming showed me this really crooked board.  What the heck.  Was it free in the reject board pile?  Did it come here regular and get warped somehow in the weather?

Yesterday I did this webinar that I liked.  Not sure why I thought I would like a webinar.  In the past, I’ve hated them.  There were 16 of us including two facilitators.  I was unprepared for how beautiful and emotional it would be.

And it was free.  I got and gave some support, did some talking in a small group.  I signed up for the next one.

I realized we can’t make enchiladas on Sunday because our friend is being baptised.  Trying to figure out how to swing it.  I can only be comfortably social for one or two hours a day.  I’m invited to the baptism, a coffee time, and then a lunch.  I guess if I can’t do the lunch, I can’t do it.  But I wish there was a way.  The thing is, sometimes I think I’ll be ok, push myself, then pay dearly afterward.

Too much to do–not enough help.  I hold hands with myself, but it’s not good enough.

So much to do, but time slips away from me.  I’m more than a month behind on the permaculture course.  I feel I need it paced for two years, not one.  I feel bad that I’m slow.  I love snails, though.

The rock workshop, I like this pic Ming took.  I love rocks.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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