Dangerous Compassions

fundraiser for disabled people in power outage areas

I’m posting this fundraiser because I thought someone with a job and everything might want to give.  Just an idea.  

Ming and I are both disabled.  I started out psychiatrically disabled, and then I had that ulcer bleed early this year, and I slowed down a lot.  Ming’s narcolepsy plus OCD is a bad combination.  At this point, Ming and I don’t need power to live.  I think a lot about people who do, though.

We have a friend who’s psychiatrically disabled and his roommate is too.  Our friend just had a knee surgery, and he’s struggling.  He and his roommate live in poverty, in a small apartment downtown, and when they get their $15 food stamps every month, they go to the dollar store to buy food.  

It’s very sad, and there’s no help for them to get to doctors appointments.  Normally they take the bus, but our friend can’t take the bus right now because of the surgery.   He can’t walk.  He asked transit for accomodation, and they told him he doesn’t qualify.

It’s hard to see how much help they need, and the amount we get for disability is so small, it’s sad.  I get near the minimum amount because I’ve never been gainfully employed, and our friend and his roommate get the minimum.

A lot of people have their life set up just so, and if one thing goes wrong, everything gets thrown out of whack, and it goes from ok to dangerous.

Today I bought groceries with a credit card because I haven’t been paid yet.  The debt accumulates, since our minivan’s transmission died last year, and I can’t figure out of it’s just a number or a real problem.

Life is confusing in about a hundred ways.  I had a lot of trouble with anxiety when I was trying to sleep last night.  I asked Ming for help, but he couldn’t stay awake to help me.  

I was crying and talking to myself–it’s difficult because I can’t sleep because I’m so anxious, but then I get anxious because I can’t sleep.  I mean, not sleeping messes me up, so then I get more anxious.  

I can see why people self-medicate.  I would like to be knocked out.  I’m brewing some oatstraw tea and hoping for some relief.

thinking about wind, electricity, disability, capitalism, responsibility, and how a culture treats its most vulnerable members.

Power outages are challenging for many people, but for some, they are life-threatening. Ventilators and CPAP machines enable people to breathe. Medicines require refrigeration. Many mobility devices, medical beds, lifts, and other critical assistive devices require power. At least one disabled person, who was left to fend for himself, has already died. 

PG&E and city governments, in the midst of infrastructure that hasn’t been updated to withstand the effects of climate change, have suggested that people “plan ahead” for a power shut-off and relocate if needed, without providing funding or information on how to do so. 

The shocking lack of support by PG&E to ensure the safety of disabled people and elders inspired Power to Live – a grassroots group of disability activists and allies that is literally saving lives NOW. They are providing mutual aid and support, connecting those who need help with funding and volunteers.

Senior and Disability Action is serving as fiscal sponsor for this all-volunteer group. Please donate, and your donation, minus a very small administrative cost, will be sent directly to people who need it.

Donations options:
Venmo: stacey-milbern.
Online/credit card:
Check: send to Senior & Disability Action, 1360 Mission St #400, San Francisco CA 94103, and mark that it is for Power to Live

We will not let our people die, either from fires or from power outages. We will not let disabled people and older people be victims of climate change and corporate negligence.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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