Dangerous Compassions

kindness isn’t a special way to treat someone who proved they deserve it

I used to have a thing for pallets.  Ming took this picture of me with the regular pallets and special blue ones.

I also got excited about pipes, patch, and concrete trucks, when I was younger.  Don’t ask me why.  Like little kids can get crazy about dinosaurs, tractors, or trains?  I think it’s sweet that those things could make me so excited, though I don’t understand why.  I guess pallets still stir me, which is why I asked Ming to take the picture.  A big pile of pallets is still pretty special, for me.

I learned today why the sign “Keep Out–This Means You!” has the “this means you” part.  A lot of people might think they’re the exception to the rule.

I learned that if you put a sign on your door that says “Gone Fishin” someone could lovingly tease you, asking where the fish is.  He knew it was a lie!  I thought about adding to the bottom of the sign “for vegetarian fish” but that’s confusing.  The fish I drew are kinda cute, if I do say so myself.

I wrote an intense essay about forgiveness, non-violence, and community.  It’s stuff I’ve been thinking about for days, really bothered about. 

A quote I like: Kindness isn’t a special way to treat someone who proved they deserve it.  All people deserve to be nurtured, and shunning people by leaving them out in the cold isn’t the way to bring them back into the family of humanity and help them heal the wounds that made them do harm.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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I used to work at a supermarket where they used blue pallets. The company that makes the blue pallets must be wealthy. Must be a lot of demand.

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